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We have explained in depth the details of the services we are providing. We maintain high level quality and thrive to achieve your goals in a timely manner. Please opt for the most applicable Dmoz Listing package and place your order now!!!

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 Monica Sen
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What is Dmoz Listing ?

Organic off page SEO by online directory submissions is a key tactic to improve a site’s ranking. A good directory being a hub of information and genuine back links receives frequent crawling by search engine bots. Online directories can have a free subscription, a paid subscription, or both. There are hundreds of free online article directories, but not all of them are good. Many directories are unable to maintain the quality of articles submitted there. The links may be broken or the text may be incoherent. In our job, it is important to find directories with good reputation and guaranteed footfall from online visitors. Among the various good directories we submit articles, we found Dmoz to be extremely effective.

Obtaining a Dmoz Listing is a useful tool to gain visibility. We would develop the article, and submit it under the relevant categories. Since this is a free directory, you do not have to shell out anything more than the standard rates. We have several convenient SEO packages for you to choose, from the basic to the premium. With the help of a suitable package, you can easily control the total expenditure. Whichever package you choose, we guarantee you would get best quality articles.

How We Do It-Dmoz Listing

Obtaining a Dmoz Listing is not easy because the site maintains certain strict submission guidelines. These guidelines involve creating a proper article without any mirror content, inserting valid and working links in the resource box, etc. Once you contact us with your requirement, we undertake a systematic approach to ensure your article is accepted by the site.

Our procedure starts with the identification of the keywords on which you would like to base your promotional article. You can provide us with a set of keywords and instructions on how to incorporate them in the article. However, if you are new to the process and unsure about the keywords, let us assist you. We would conduct the research to identify the most potential keywords and ask for your approval. Once approved, we set ourselves to develop organic premium articles based on them.

Developing the article is the most important part of the entire organic SEO process. Our professional writers give their best efforts to create articles of astounding quality. With our experience in Dmoz Listing, we found out that unless the article is of a good all-round quality, it may face rejection at the site. With our qualitative approach, we guarantee acceptance of your article. Finally, we would provide you periodic performance reports to maintain transparency about the effectiveness of our services.

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Key Benefits and Features -Dmoz Listing
  • Press Release Submission Service offered in Yahoo News, and Bing.
  • Online visibility level begins at Medium and goes up to Maximum.
  • Press release distribution in Media Network, News portals and journalists.
  • Submissions to sites that have authority.
  • Reliable and professional service from our Blurbpoint professionals.
  • Press release is search engine optimized and is also made search engine friendly.
FAQs on - Dmoz Listing

Maybe you are having several questions about Dmoz Listing. Hopefully, the FAQs below provide an answer to all your questions. If anything is unanswered, do let us know.

Q1. What is Dmoz?
A1. Dmoz is an open source premium online directory. This free directory maintains certain strict submission criteria to ensure the quality of the submissions.

Q2.  Why is it important to submit the articles over there?
A2. Unless many other free directories, Dmoz maintains strict quality editorial guidelines. This ensures that the search engine crawlers and indexers give preference to this site while displaying relevant search engine results. This, in turn, translates to greater visibility on part of the site.

Q3. How do you ensure acceptance at the site?
A3. Our focus is on creativity. We create excellent quality organic articles without using any spinning tool. Our original and well written articles have an almost 100% acceptance rate at the site.

Q4. What happens when your article is rejected?
A4. In the unlikely event of a rejection, we identify the reasons behind that. If it is something that we must do, we make the necessary changes to see that it is accepted. If it is something that you should do (like not supplying broken links) we inform you of the same.

Q5. What are your charges?
A5. We charge according to the package you choose. There are several packages, from the basic to the premium, so you can choose the one most convenient.

Q6. How soon will the article be up at Dmoz?
A6. This exclusively depends on the editor availability at your niche. Usually, the article is up within two weeks at the most.

Q7. Do you furnish articles to other directories as well?
A7. Yes, besides Dmoz, we also manually submit the organic articles to various other premium directories.


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